Mayfield Bill Supports Program to Provide Grants for Students to Become Teachers


Illinois is in need of having a diverse population of teachers who are educating our children in harder to staff communities. To help students become teachers, State Representative Rita Mayfield introduced HB35 which provides for the administering of the “Grow Your Own” and extends funding to students in the form of grants to be used for their curriculum.

With GYO’s assistance, students will complete a teacher licensing program at a university of their choice and become a certified teacher. In return for the support provided by GYO, graduates are required to teach at least five (5) years in a high-needs public school.The assistance comprises financial aid, academic support and on-going mentorship. Students in the program attend monthly meetings with program administrators and teachers in the field enabling them to graduate with valuable experience and real world skills.

HB35 was filed by State Representative Mayfield and signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker in July of this year. The program is fully underway and accepting applications.

“Extending education to all of our children is one of the most important duties we have together as a society,” says Mayfield. “GYO helps young people access higher education and children in underserved communities. Fighting for our children here in Lake County and throughout all of Illinois is at the heart of what I do as State Representative.”

Students are encouraged to apply for the Grow Your Own program by visiting or contacting Ken Snyder at (773) 614-6619 emailing him at KSNYDER@GYO-IL.ORG.

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