HB3888 Passes Out of House Energy and Environment Committee


Springfield – Today, HB3888 has passed the House Energy and Environment Committee and will go on to the full house for a vote. The measure seeks to phase out ethylene oxide emissions from sterilization facilities by 2021 and out of hospitals by 2022. The restrictions regarding hospitals would apply if they are within 3.5 miles of a region with a population density of at least 10 residents per square mile.

In Lake County Illinois, there are two sterilization facilities located in close proximity to each other. There are roughly 100,000 people living within the 6 mile impact radius of the facilities. Ethylene oxide (Eto) has been found to be a class 1 carcinogen and is a hazard to reproduction. Companies using Eto are urged to implement one of the alternative sterilization technologies.

State Representative Rita Mayfield worked with StopEto Lake County and the Illinois Environment Council in drafting the legislation. Many organizations including Clean Power Lake County and Faith in Place stood in active support. "I am thankful for them all for their work on this," says Mayfield.

“Protecting the health of the people in my district and throughout Illinois is one of the most fundamental duties I have. I am proud to work with StopEto, the IEC, Clean Power Lake County, Faith in Place, my colleagues in the General Assembly and all of the stakeholders who know that Eto is not healthy for our communities,” said Mayfield. “This bill also expressly helps the employees of Eto emitters by providing for them to hold emitting companies to account for medical illness due to exposure. The employment of workers in my community is very important to me and I urge Vantage and Medline to protect jobs by switching to alternative technology.”

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