Officials Celebrate Pace’s New Clean Diesel Fleet


ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL – Local, county and state officials gathered last week to celebrate Pace’s new fleet of clean diesel buses operating out of Pace North Division in Waukegan. Clean diesel is a type of diesel fuel that is highly refined to improve combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. These vehicles use ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) that immediately cuts soot emissions from diesel vehicles and equipment by 10 percent.

“Choosing clean diesel is a part of Pace’s vision of being a good steward of our environment,” said Pace Chairman Rick Kwasneski. “Cleaner diesel fuel, advanced engines and effective emissions control technology go hand in hand with Pace’s commitment to reducing congestions and improving air quality.”

Former Hainesville Mayor Linda Soto, who represents Lake County on Pace’s Board of Directors, said, “These buses are very quiet, which contributes the quality of life for those who live and work near bus routes. And, there’s no black diesel smoke. That contributes to quality of life for all of us.”

Event attendees included representatives from 10th District Congressman Bradley Schneider’s office, acting Lake County Chairwoman Carol Calabresa, Lake County Board Member Ann Maine, Waukegan Mayor Sam Cunningham, and North Chicago Mayor Leon Rockingham Jr. Many offered kind words about Pace and their new fleet. State Representative Rita Mayfield, a former Pace North Division employee, also attended and said, “This is like coming home for me. I started working at Pace when I was 18 years old. Pace was always so responsive to customers and it was a great place to work.”

“The County Board recognizes that a good public transportation system is critical to supporting a high quality of life and our economic growth,” said acting Lake County Chairwoman Carol Calabresa. “This new fleet shows us that Pace is investing in transportation here in Lake County in a way that reflects our commitment to caring for our environment.”

“Our partnership with Pace has ensured that Waukegan residents have access to the public transit service they need,” said Waukegan Mayor Sam Cunningham. “These new buses safeguard Lake County’s air quality and help our region lead the way in conserving our environment.”

Speaking just after a bus pulled out of the garage, North Chicago Mayor Leon Rockingham Jr. commented, “When that garage door opened and that bus rolled out, I looked, I think everybody did. You know what we didn’t see? Black smoke that we would expect to see trailing from a diesel bus. And that’s what this is all about, cleaner air for all of us. Making sure diesel emissions are reduced to help improve air quality and promote environmental progress.

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