This week in Springfield , April 17th, 2017


Lifeline Budget Protecting Critical Services Passes House
(HB 109)

I refuse to let the elderly, children with disabilities and our most vulnerable residents suffer because Gov.Rauner refuses to address the budget until he gets his demands to cut middle-class wages and pad corporate profits.
The “lifeline budget” recently passed by House Democrats uses unused state funds to sustain some of our most important services, like programs for children with developmental disabilities, domestic violence shelters and funding for state colleges and universities.
The lifeline budget is not a substitute for a full-year budget, but immediate funding these critical services is a necessity, as the governor continues to refuse to fulfill his constitutional obligation to propose a balanced budget.

Real Property Tax Relief
(HB 156)

Every homeowner in the state would receive a much-needed reprieve from skyrocketing property taxes under a comprehensive relief package I supported increasing the value of key property credits for families, seniors and veterans. While Gov. Bruce Rauner and his allies have only focused on freezing property taxes at their current level, the legislation I supported goes much further by actually cutting property taxes and reducing the overall financial burden placed on our families.

Protecting Illinois Nurses (SB 19)

In March, the Rauner Administration announced the termination of over 100 nurses at government facilities throughout the state, opting to give their jobs to a politically connected company with a history of subpar care, which could then offer the laid-off nurses their jobs back – provided they work for lower pay and reduced benefits.

I oppose the governor’s plan to eliminate jobs and cut wages, which is why I worked to pass a bipartisan measure forcing the governor to keep these jobs and pay these nurses a fair wage.

Veterans Mental Health
(HB 2647-passed)

Recently, the veterans mental health reform legislation that I sponsored/supported passed out of the House with bipartisan support. House Bill 2647 is a package of reforms streamlining access to existing services for veterans and providing new accommodations for returning service members as they seek civilian jobs and educational opportunities, all in an effort to reduce the number of veteran suicides.

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