Mayfield Co-Sponsors Crime Victims Bill that Governor Quinn signs into law


(Chicago, IL) Police soon will be required to notify crime victims of their rights within 48 hours under a measure Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law Monday.

Surrounded by children attending a day camp at St. John Bible Church in the Austin neighborhood, a center of gang-related shootings and violence, the Democratic governor signed three bills aimed at assisting crime victims.

"We're not turning our back on anyone who's lost anything from crime," Quinn said.

Under a measure that takes effect Jan. 1, law enforcement officials must provide a written copy of rights to victims of any offense within two days of initial contact with police. Victim rights notices also are supposed to posted outside all criminal courtrooms in the state. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Rita Mayfield and Sen. Terry Link, both Waukegan Democrats.

The other two measures Quinn signed into law streamline contributions to a state fund that assists crime victims and increases the maximum awards victims of crimes can receive for funerals, burials or other expenses they may have faced in the wake of a crime, according to the governor's office.

Quinn was joined at the bill signing ceremony by Ashake Banks, the mother of 7-year-old Heaven Sutton, who was killed last month by a stray bullet in her North Austin neighborhood.

"Whether you live on the West Side, South Side or any side of Illinois, it's important that we band together to make sure that we protect public safety and especially protect the babies and the young children," Quinn said.

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