State Government Suggestion Award Board


The State Government Suggestion Award Board is run by the Illinois Department of Central Management Services. Each suggestion submitted to the Board is assigned a reference number, presented to the board, and if appropriate, forwarded to relevant state agencies to determine if it is feasible, original, and cost-saving. If an agency certifies that a suggestion is feasible, the Board will consider its eligibility for an award. Each award is paid based on the savings it generates, with rewards ranging from $50 to $5,000.

Participants must be a resident of Illinois and ideas cannot be taken from a state report or study. Ideas also must not propose anything harmful or dangerous to state employees or residents and they cannot require a change in the state or federal constitutions. Additionally, if the person submitting the idea has a job that requires them to solve problems dealing with the same subject matter as their idea, they are not eligible for the award. The Board will meet monthly for the rest of the year in Springfield to evaluate suggestions.

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