Dems pick Waukegan school official for 60th House seat


By Tony Gordon | Daily Herald Staff

Rita Mayfield, a relative newcomer to government with just three years as a school board member on her resume, is the new state representative for the 60th District.

Mayfield, of Waukegan, was sworn in at noon Tuesday in a Waukegan law office. She replaces Democrat State Rep. Eddie Washington, who died of a heart attack June 5. Mayfield will complete Washington's term and be up for election in November.

"I believe Rita will bring a fresh new approach to the legislature," said State Sen. Terry Link, who is also the Democratic Party chairman for Lake County.

"She is young and energetic," Link said. "She is not a person who will line up with this faction or the other faction."

Mayfield said her involvement in politics was spurred by her dissatisfaction with the Waukegan Public School District 60 board a few years ago, which led her to form a citizens group and then to her election.

"I wanted fiscal accountability and transparency in the school board," Mayfield said. "It is the same thing I will work to promote in the state legislature."

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