Too many unarmed People of Color have been killed by police. HB5800 would make a real change in how these cases are handled in Illinois. The state's attorneys and police have a day to day working relationship. Currently it is also the local state's attorneys who handle police misconduct cases where death has occured, which poses an inherent conflict of interest. HB5800 would give these cases to the Illinois Attorney General who does not have this working relationship with local police depaartments. The AG handling the case would bring about impartiality and serve to help restore the public's confidence in both the justice system and community.

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Attorney General Act. Provides that if an incident occurs between a police officer, or multiple police officers, and another person in which an apparent excessive amount of force was used and death occurred from that use of force, the matter shall be investigated by the Office of the Attorney General, in place of and instead of an investigation by the State's Attorney of the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. Provides that if, at the conclusion of the investigation, the Attorney General determines that the use of force by a peace officer comprised a criminal act, the Attorney General shall bring appropriate charges and prosecute the case on behalf of the people of the State. Effective immediately.

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