As your representative, my committment to you is to always endeavor to do what is best for our community and fight for every person in it. There will be tough choices to be made and I will always make them with you in mind. It is an honor to represent you.

Our economy has hit considerable turbulence for a variety of reasons, particularly mismanagement by large financial institutions. I will work to foster relations with companies to bring jobs to our district and pursue legislation that will create a positive business climate. The well being of every person in our community is important to me and I will fight to bring good jobs here.

The budget is in desperate need of tough yet sensible choices. I will work on a thorough review of both income and expenditures with the full understanding that essential services need to be maintained. Our families and children are a critical factor and their needs will always be carefully considered.

Teaching our children is one of the most important duties we share as a community. As your representative, I will vigorously pursue legislation which increases the quality of education for our children and helps our educators do their job.